Our team is available to provide our clients companionship and engage with them to provide quality time. This allows our seniors to experience a sense of belonging and love, which we believe is one of the most important gifts we can share with our seniors.

We like to focus on every senior as an individual. We believe in client centered care, and we strive to build a relationship with all of our seniors and maintain a unique connection with them.

We take this time to appreciate the many stories and memories that our seniors like to share with us. Memories can not be bought but can be created, and with our team we can make that truly possible.

Statistics have shown that loneliness can trigger stress and depression, therefore our team will eliminate that by being there for our seniors in every professional way that we can be.


Live in companionship is provided for both short term and long term care.

In certain situations, seniors and their families may prefer to have a live in caregiver. Special arrangements can be provided to accommodate each individual’s needs.